The Hoover Homestead


The Hoover Homestead


The history of Country Fare Restaurant and the Hoover family in PA began in In the late eighteenth century when the Hoover ancestors, among many others, emigrated from Switzerland to the United States. They settled in the area that today has become known as the "Garden Spot" of the World. This highly productive agricultural region was founded on the knowledge, skills, values and work ethic of these people.

It was Ivan Hoover who moved his family from the New Holland area in 1952 to the farmland on which Country Fare Restaurant is now located. Ivan and his wife Lydia together with their eight children farmed the land, marketing their well known potatoes and eggs to the locals. They also sold beef, pork and numerous garden vegetables.

Today , grain is grown on the Hoover Farm. This grain is used in feed for the production of pork. Processed in modern facilities this pork is then distributed to the public and even served here at Country Fare Restaurant.

The Goal of the Hoover Family is to produce the finest products and bring them to you through the Country Fare Restaurant - Bakery & Deli. We wish to Thank You for your patronage and hope to continually serve you.

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